How to care and style your reborn dolls' hair and make them softer

Reborn dolls usually have a head of mohair i.e. made from hairs of Angora goat. There is a need for a lot of care and maintenance as the reborn baby’s hair is hand rooted with very fine hair look just like a real baby. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to care reborn dolls hair for those who are experiencing it the first time. Even most of the collectors lost when it comes to caring and styling reborn mohair. Consequently, they either do it in the wrong way or completely avoid it which leads to the creation of messy and unnatural hair.

Keep in mind that reborn dolls have delicate and fragile hairs so it is necessary to style the hairs properly and with great care to create a realistic look similar to the real baby’s head. If you do proper hair care of your reborn doll it will turn the baby’s hair more fresh, shiny and softer. You should keep in mind that just your own hair, the more your hairs are manipulated, the greater the chances of breakage and tangled hairs.  

care for your reborn baby doll Mohair

Reborn dolls Hair Care

Hair care is an important part of maintenance and caring of your reborn dolls. No matter what type of material was used to make your baby’s hair, it needs proper cleaning and keeps them tangle free. If you feel your baby’s hairs got tangled and need to refresh and detangle, we have some methods you can use to care your baby’s hair.

Leave-in Mohair conditioner

To detangle and make your reborn dolls hair softer one of the best option is to use a leave-in conditioner. It is convenient, cost-effective and will not damage your reborn baby. Using leave-in conditioners you can style your baby’s hair in any way whatever you want to.

Leave-in Mohair conditioner

You must be thinking about how to use a leave-in conditioner to your baby’s hair? Well, it is much same the way you use it on your own hairs. You just have to spray all over the head with a mohair conditioner or any other good leave in conditioner or detangler. Now start combing through the hair with a fine tooth comb. Gently comb through the hairs back and forth without applying pressure.

When you feel any knot or your comb got tangled in hairs, don’t force it as it will pull out the reborn hairs. Simply remove the comb and start it again. You may encounter some knots and tangles too stubborn to remove, for that you need to hold the hair from the rooted side with your one hand and gently comb through hairs with a brush in your other hand. Keep doing this until all the tangles and knots are gone and no visible clumps are seen.

In addition to detangling, it will moisturize the mohair and allows you to see the rooting pattern of your baby. You can even out the hairline if necessary using a leave-in conditioner.

Tips and Tricks to style reborn hair

Do not brush or comb your hairs regularly as it will break the fragile hairs. If you do make sure that you are touching gently and softly just like a real baby.

Mohair needs extreme care. You should not wash mohair because it will fall off and become tangled and knotty with cold water washing. You can use your fingertips to pat down the hairs.

It is necessary to wash your baby’s hair with a mohair conditioner every once in a year to clean up and prevent dirt and oil built up in the hairs due to touching or keeping them in a single place for a longer time.

Make sure that wig hairs must not be brushed with hard brushes. Always use soft bristles brush as the hard brush can cause the hairs to break and detach and also manipulate the painted details on the reborn baby. A soft bristle brush will take away the dust particles and dirt that may settle on the reborn baby’s hair.

Washing of reborn baby’s hair is not recommended as the hairs are more vulnerable to breakage and extremely fragile when wet. A little bit of damp piece of cloth can help if necessary to remove dirt and dust from reborn baby’s head.

products avoid for reborn dolls hair

Products to avoid for reborn dolls Mohair

There are certain products which can damage your reborn dolls hair. You should avoid these styling products if you want to save your baby from hurting. Here are some products you should avoid on reborn hairs:

  •    Gels especially strong ones
  •    Hairspray of all types
  •    Hair straightener
  •    Curling or rolling iron
  •    Pomade and other wax-based products