Dollreborns® Reborn Dolls FAQ

How much does a reborn doll cost?

The price varies hugely. You can find some really high quality items around the $200 mark but equally people can pay up to $20000 depending on the doll. There are also bargains out there for those who watch the auctions carefully. Sometimes really beautiful models can be picked up cheap that only need a little cleaning to bring them back to life.

Can they move or talk?

Normally, no. It's not something that most people require. There are however some dolls which may make a crying sound and some have fake tears. You may also find dolls that can have wet pee nappies. Of course, they don't actually drink milk.

Are reborn babies all made of silicone?

Yes, pretty much. Most are full body silicone. This way they will last and can be easily customised. Vinyl reborn dolls are also becoming one of the choices in the market due to the durability and varying difficulty factor of the artistic process. The price of full-body silicone babies remained high until Dollreborns® revolutionized silicone technology to obtain a full-body silicone baby option at an acceptable price!

When was the first reborn made?

Some date it back to the late thirties. This was a time when more of an effort began to be made to make dolls look realistic. The popularity of these items as we know them today really began to take off at the start of this century.

Who makes reborn dolls?

In the case of Dollreborns®, many artists get together to set up large studios and achieve efficiency gains and effective cost reductions by modularizing parts of the reborn baby dolls, making many overpriced dolls cost effective! Many are made by enthusiastic hobbyists all over the world. This of course means a fantastic range of designs to suit all tastes. Bigger companies have been getting in on the act over the years but it is largley still a home grown home made industry.

The dummy/pacifier keeps falling out of the mouth?

This is a problem we often hear. You should buy or make a doll which has a magnet behind the mouth. This will hold it in place.

What about hair styling?

Mohair is quite strong so you can certainly try a few different styles. If you are putting any products in then be sure to always clean them out. Leaving them in can cause problems.

Why do people buy Reborn Dolls?

For many reasons. The most spoken about reason is probably for those who have lost loved ones or young babies through miscarriage or child birth. The dolls provide a therapeutic effect in these cases. For others, they simply love the look and feel of the dolls and wish to build a collection. It's really a personal choice and it's important we don't judge anyone. It's all about what makes you happy.

What is a Reborn Baby?

Reborn baby dolls are extremely realistic lifelike babies created by expert designers in the UK and all over the world. In some case the dolls are made to look like a lost loved one. They are often mistaken for real babies.

How to Reborn a Doll?

Your starting point should be a purchasing a reborn doll kit. This will contain the basic tools you need to begin reborning a doll. There are multiple video tutorials on youtube which should quickly help you on your way.If you don't have time to learn and just want a realistic reborn baby as a doll, then you see can get a finished reborn baby doll at Dollreborns® at the right price.